Technology, Media & Telecommunications

We currently live in an information economy where knowledge and information are driven by internet technologies. Africa has not been left behind. In countries such as Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia mobile banking technology has penetrated the market than anywhere else in the world. With technology comes legal responsibilities. That is how we come in.

Regency Legal Services has developed strong relationships with government agencies and industry regulators which help provide splendid advice to our clients regarding the environments in which they operate. We help telecommunication companies in Africa obtain and comply with their licenses. In Africa, our lawyers have acted for wired and wireless carriers, independent telephone companies and cellular and private radio licensees. We have assisted wireless ventures in obtaining access to the radio frequency spectrum. Our lawyers also help clients protect their intellectual property including reputations, publications, networks, databases and other information assets.

Banking, Capital Markets& Financial Services

The Africa capital markets are growing. This has brought opportunities for companies to raise capital. Investing in Africa requires one to be smarter for there are many layers of regulations to comply with. Our legal team advises issuers and underwriters on the full spectrum of equity and debt capital market transactions, including bonds, capital-raising, cross-border financing, fund formation, structured financing, IPOs and private placements.

At the core our practice is a team of lawyers who work for the financial services industry. We have built complementary practices to enhance our services to financial services industry clients. We counsel our clients on securities transactions and ongoing reporting and disclosure matters. We also counsel commercial banks in Africa on US FATCA, financings, money laundering laws, taking deposits, structuring transactions and protecting customer privacy.

Energy, Oil & Gas and Mining

Africa is the new frontier in energy production. Zimbabwe, South Africa, Botswana and Zambia are working together in mining, energy and oil exploration. Our legal team is always keeping abreast with the regulatory changes in the Energy, Utilities & Mining Industry. Our lawyers understand the legal issues that our clients face and have the knowledge and experience to proactively address these challenges and recommend the best solutions. We are highly experienced in advising clients across the entire mining, oil and gas value chain

Regency Legal Services is working with every segment of the energy, utility and mining industries within Southern Africa to provide legal solutions tailored to meet your needs. We excel in serving energy, utility and mining companies because of our skills, experience and teams of industry specialists. We have helped all types of companies succeed. We look forward to working with your company.


Regency Legal Services automotive lawyers counsel clients across a range of practice areas, including setting up in different African Markets, joint ventures, finance, antitrust, litigation, environmental and M&A. Opportunities and risks in Africa are everywhere. But while possibilities are plentiful, it is imperative to manage legal risks. Amidst this landscape, automotive organizations must conduct their business, while at the same time adapting to new regulations. We will take care of managing your legal and regulatory risks freeing up your time to manage the strategic initiatives of your business.